Why Does My Projector Keep Freezing?

Why does my projector keep freezing? Well, this is a frequently asked question and a situation that occurs frequently with the users. And if you are looking for answers you are at the right place.

In this article we are going to focus on answering the question why does my projector keep freezing? We’ll be sharing some important tips and advice. So that all your queries and problems are resolved. So, without any further ado let’s dig in!

How Do You Unfreeze a Projector Screen?

If your projector’s screen is frozen and you have no idea how to restore the projector frozen screen. Don’t panic because we have got your back. You might have accidentally selected the temporary freeze option from the settings.

To restore the projector’s frozen screen and bring it back to normal all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Grab that remote control and press the power button and hold it for a few seconds.
  • You can also use the power button from the projector manual in case you don’t have a remote control.
  • Once you’ll follow this step your projector while turning off.
  • Now wait for a minute or two and then press the power button again to turn on your projector.
  • The image or your projector screen will automatically unfreeze.
  • Now if this does not work look for the ‘Freeze’ button on your projector’s remote controller.
  • Most modern projector remotes have this button. Press this button for a few seconds.
  • A message will appear on the screen asking you to unfreeze the projector. Select the option.
  • And here you are your projector screen will now be unfrozen.

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Why Does My Projector Keep Freezing?

If you want to catch the attention of your audience and don’t want to get them distracted while you use other apps on your laptop. You need to try out the tricks mentioned below to learn how to freeze the screen while presenting in teams.

  • You can use the remote control of your projector for this task.
  • Find the Freeze button and press it.
  • If you don’t have a remote you can use the extended mode of your laptop or MacBook.
  • Just go to the display settings and choose the Extend display mode and enable it.
  • This will allow you to display half of the screen.
  • You can also use the shortcut keys like F7 and F8 to switch to extend mode quickly.

How Do I Freeze a PowerPoint Presentation On a Projector?

If you are curious to know how to lock slides in PowerPoint please read the steps mentioned below;

  • The simplest way to freeze a PowerPoint slide on screen is to use the ‘Freeze’ button from the remote.
  • But if you don’t have a remote you can press the F7 key on both windows and MacBook to get to the extended display mode.
  • You can also press Ctrl, Alt, and Del keys on your laptop keyboard to lock the screen on your laptop this will automatically display the currently locked screen on your projector.
  • You can also simply press the F key to lock the PowerPoint slide on your laptop this trick works for some computers only.

How Do You Freeze a Projector On a Mac?

If you are a teacher or a professional who likes to search or use other tabs while presenting in your class or office. And you only want your audience to focus on a specific slide rather than taking a tour of your whole laptop while you surf through it.

Then learning how to freeze the screen on the projector is very important for you. Follow the methods mentioned below to learn how to freeze a projector screen on a Mac.

Use The Projector Remote

You will find a freeze button on the bottom of your remote control. Press and hold it for a few seconds. It will freeze the screen of your projector.

Enable ‘Extend Display’ Mode On Mac

Make sure both your projector and MacBook are connected and turned on. Now from your mac click on the apple icon and go to the system preferences and choose the display option.

Now select the arrangement tab and choose the secondary display box option. This will extend your display and will only project half of the screen on the projector.

Try Keyboard Shortcuts

From the keyboard of your MacBook press F7 to enable extend mode in no time. You can also try the F1 key which will automatically shift the display to extend display mode.

How Do I Stop My Projector From Lagging?

There are several reasons why your projector image is jittery and even various ways how to fix projector lag or tackle a projector image jitter. However, we can bet that this is one of the most annoying issues that you’ll come across while you are using a projector.

But don’t worry since we are here to guide you, you can take this situation under your control. Just follow the tips and tricks mentioned below to reduce input lag on the projector.

5 Ways To Make Your Projector Stop Lagging

Start with identifying the issue or the type of lag first. You need to understand whether it’s a video lag, a sound lag, or a component lag. Only then you can move toward the cause and diagnosis of the issue.

1. Clear cache

Go to the settings of your projector and choose the storage clean option. From there you can choose the clear cache option to get rid of any extra data and files stored on your projector’s memory. Getting rid of junk will improve the projector’s speed.

2. Make sure the projector is clean

One of the reasons why your projector might be lagging is the dust accumulated inside the projector. Make sure to clean the projector with a soft cleaning cloth or wipes to improve its performance.

3. Is your projector overheating?

Overheating can also cause your projector image to jitter or lag. So, to avoid and fix the projector’s low latency you will need to cool down your projector by giving it a little rest. Also, make sure you take breaks in between your games and do not overuse the projector.

4. Is your streaming device the culprit?

Make sure the streaming device that you are using is not outdated and is not using an old version of a software, operating system, component, or application. Also, don’t forget to charge the streaming device, and also don’t let it overheat.

5. Cables should be compatible and connected properly

First, you have to make sure that the cables that you have hooked to your projector and streaming device, laptop, etc. are compatible. Then make sure the cables are properly connected to the devices and are not loose or tangled in any way.

If you want to learn how to connect the projector to a MacBook air please also visit How Can I Connect My Mini Projector with My Laptop?

Why Do Projectors Have Input Lag?

Is there an input delay on your projector that is making you wonder that is gaming on a projector is good? Or are you someone searching for answers to questions like why is my projector jumpy? and how to reduce input lack on the projector.

Worry not cause in this portion of the article we are going to discuss all projector input lag and projector low latency.

Here are some of the reasons why you might be experiencing input lag on projectors;

  • Your projector might have a low refresh rate that’s why your projector might not be able to handle the graphic or sound.
  • Using a slow Wi-Fi connection can lead to signal loss and interference thus causing images on the projector to jitter or lag.
  • If the processor or the video card of your projector is slow it can also cause input lag on the projector.
  • The device connected to your projector might be placed far away or in another room.
  • There might be more than one app or unnecessary apps running on your projector at a time.

How To Fix Projector Input Lag?

Make sure your projector is not overheating and is cleaned properly. Check the bulb of the projector just in case. Make sure the Wi-Fi connection is strong while pairing your projector with other devices wirelessly.

If any unnecessary apps are running on your streaming device or projector make sure to turn them off. Place the streaming device or external device connected near the projector.

How Do I Fix My Glitching Projector?

If you are tired of minor glitches such as your projector flickering when connected to a laptop? Or you don’t seem to understand why my projector keeps cutting out or why is my projector not displaying? make sure you read this portion of the article carefully.

Here we are going to present projector problems and solutions for the glitches that you are experiencing. So, you can tackle to get rid of them.

5 Main Problems

  • Electrical surges are one of the major causes of projector glitches.
  • Your bulb might be overheated or damaged.
  • The refresh rate of the projector might be low.
  • The frame rate of the projector might be disturbed.
  • VGA or HDMI cables might be damaged.


  • To avoid electrical surges, use a surge protector or shift to a stable power source.
  • If your bulb is burnt out replace it immediately.
  • Switch to eco mode to avoid flickering on the projector.
  • Increase the refresh rate and frame rate on your projector.
  • Check the cables if they are damaged replaced them or if they are loosely connected make sure to connect them properly.

Bottom Line

If you are someone who presents frequently in classrooms, offices, or conferences. Then freezing your projector screen while presenting might help you to appear like a professional.

Because first it will grab the attention of your audience and stick it to information that particular slide is locked. Next, it won’t give an impression that you were unprepared as you add to other slides or consult your notes or other apps for additional information.

However, freezing a projector screen is a useful handy trick. We hope that you have learned a lot from the information shared above. And all the tips and tricks mentioned in this article were helpful and practical for you. Thank you for reading. See you next time!

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