Why Is My Projector Not Connecting To Wi-Fi?

If you are someone who is confused and wondering are wireless projectors any good? Let us remind you that this is the digital era in which we live today. With wireless projectors, you can watch anything from the comfort of your own home.

However, along with the benefits, you will also face some issues while using these wireless projectors. In this article, we’ll be covering one such widely reported issue. So, keep reading if you are finding answers to the question; why is my projector not connecting to Wi-Fi?

Why Is My Projector Not Connecting To Wi-Fi?

While you might stumble upon some of the best projectors with wifi and Bluetooth in 2022 around the market. Please note that you might still face issues like your projector not connecting to Wi-Fi. And then you must ask yourselves questions like how to connect my projector to wifi or how to connect the internet to the projector. 

Here are some of the most prominent and common reasons why your projector is not connecting to Wi-Fi.

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5 Reasons Why The Projector Is Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

1. The Wi-Fi Router Is Placed In The Wrong Spot

If your Wi-Fi connection is turned on and still not connecting to the projector. Then it might be placed too far away from your projector. Or there might be some other objects or electronic devices placed between your projector and router. Moving the router close to the projector and removing objects might remove the hindrance.

2. Your Wi-Fi Router Needs To Be Reset

If the signals are good and the Wi-Fi is placed at the right spot and still is not connecting to the projector. Then you will need to set your router settings back to the factory settings to make it work. Because chances are some settings might have been changed.

3. You Are Using Mobile Internet

Some projectors allow you to connect your mobile data or hotspot with them. Sometimes you don’t have enough MBs or the mobile internet’s signals might be poor. So, switch to a Wi-Fi modem or router for better results.

4. You Have a 5G Wi-Fi Connection

Now, most projectors are not compatible with 5G technology and you might be using a 5G Wi-Fi connection. This way your projector might not be supporting the wi-fi connection. So, all you could do to make it work is to get to settings and change the band to 2.4GHz instead of 5G.

5. Your Wi-Fi Router Is Faulty

If you have tried everything and still are unable to get the desired results. Then chances are that the Wi-Fi router that you are using has some fault in it. It might be damaged or something. So, it’s better to call customer care service and let them figure out the problem for you.

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How Do I Connect My Projector To Wi-Fi?

Wireless projectors surely save one from the hassle of dealing with and buying all those cables and maintaining them over the years. If you are someone who is still not using Wi-Fi with your projector then you will need to learn about how to connect the internet to the projector.

Hop on with us and dig into this article while we try to answer the most frequently asked question; how to connect my projector to Wi-Fi.

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5 Methods To Connect The Projector To Wi-Fi

1. Use a Wi-Fi Router

If you have a wireless projector that has an in-built Wi-Fi feature then try out the following steps.

  • Turn the projector on.
  • Now go to the settings and click on the icon that says W-Fi.
  • It will show you available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Choose your internet router and enter the password.
  • And you are good to go.

2. Use a Wi-Fi Dongle

A Wi-Fi dongle box is widely used to connect the phone to the projector wirelessly. This dongle box comes with a Wi-Fi receiver cable, a dongle, and a USB cable.

  • Take the dongle and hook it inside the HDMI port of your projector.
  • Now take the Wi-Fi receiver cable and connect it to the dongle.
  • Next, you have to plug the USB cable inside the projector.
  • This will power both the dongle and projector.
  • Now turn on the projector and go to the dashboard.
  • You can now pair any device wirelessly with the projector by entering the given code on this dashboard.

3. Use An Ethernet Cable

In case your Wi-Fi router is placed far away or in a different room, you can use an ethernet cable to connect the router to your projector. But for this, you must have a projector with an Ethernet port.

  • Take the ethernet cable and hook it inside the Ethernet port of your projector.
  • In case you don’t have an ethernet port then have to find a converter.
  • Now plug the other end of the cable with the router.
  • Turn your projector on and go to the settings to enter your Wi-Fi password to begin.

4. Use a Mobile Hotspot

If you don’t have a Wi-Fi router nearby don’t worry. You can use your smartphone as one.

Just follow the steps mentioned below to learn how.

  • Turn the hotspot on your mobile phone.
  • Now turn your projector and go to the settings.
  • Click on the Wi-Fi icon and choose your Hotspot from the shown preferences.
  • After choosing the network enter password and that’s all.

5. Use a Streaming App

Streaming apps such as Chromecast, Miracast, and Airplay allow you to watch movies and shows through a screen mirroring android to the projector.  All you have to do is to grab these devices and hook them to the HDMI port of your projector. And also connect them to the output device such as a smartphone, laptop, or computer to enjoy content on your projector wirelessly.

For more ideas also watch this video below:

Why Is My Projector Saying ‘No Signal’?

Sometimes your projector might display a ‘No signal’ message on the screen which will make you wonder why your projector is saying no signal or why my projector has no signal. Well although problematic this issue might be but you don’t need to dwell much on it.

Because we have got your back in this portion of the article, we are going to discuss why the projector keeps saying no signal. And how you can solve it.

6 Things To Do When Your Projector Says No Signals

  1. The power cable must have been plugged wrong inside the electrical socket. Take it out and then carefully plug it in again.
  2. You might be using the wrong cable with your projector and source device. Get yourself the right cable and adapter.
  3. Also, the cable you might be using must be old or damaged. So, replace it.
  4. The device that you have paired with your projector might be incompatible. You will need to detach it and then attach it in a compatible way.
  5. In some cases, there must be a problem with the projector or the source device settings. Go to the settings of these devices to analyze the problem.
  6. The video file that you want to play must have an error or might be faulty.

How Do I Connect My Phone Wirelessly To A Projector?

Phones are handy to use with a projector. Once you learn how to hook them with projectors it will be a piece of cake for you. There are multiple ways to achieve this connection.

We have prepared a guide for you below comprising some of the most common and easy methods to connect the phone to a projector wirelessly.

6 Ways To Connect The Phone To The Projector Wirelessly

  1. You can purchase a Wi-Fi dongle box and connect the dongle along with the Wi-Fi receiver and USB cable to connect your phone.
  2. If your projector has a Wi-Fi feature you can pair it with your mobile hotspot to secure the connection.
  3. Ethernet cable is another way. You can hook this cable to both devices to achieve the desired results.
  4. One can also use streaming devices for screen mirroring android to the projector.
  5. Bluetooth is also an option for android users to screen mirror. iPhone users can use the Airplay feature on phones to directly mirror the screen on the projector.
  6. In case your phone has a USB port you can use a USB to hook it to the projector. You can also use an HDMI or VGA cable adapter if your projector lacks a USB port.

How Do I Fix My Projector Connection?

Everyone wants to experience a smooth and trouble-free session whether they are about to give a professional presentation or going to watch their favorite movie. And in such a situation nothing’s more frustrating than your laptop not connecting to the projector HDMI or your projector saying no signal HDMI.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can follow to fix your projector connection.

5 Ways To Fix Projector Connection

  1. First, you will need to identify the problem to diagnose it. For this, you will thoroughly need to check your device and the cables attached to it.
  2. Next, try to restart the source device such as your laptop or smartphone or whatever is it that is paired with your projector.
  3. If you are using a wireless connection make sure the Wi-Fi signals are sound and stable.
  4. Make sure the cables and adapters that you are using are compatible with both the projector and source device.
  5. Also, be sure that the battery of any device is not low and that neither your projector nor source device is overheating.

Do Projectors Work With Wi-Fi?

Yes, many wireless projectors that are available in the market have advanced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features. Even if your projector does not have the wireless feature you can use the following ways to make it work with Wi-Fi;

  • A Wi-Fi Dongle box.
  • Ethernet cable.
  • Fiber optic cable.
  • Streaming or broadcasting devices.
  • Smartphone internet or Hotspot.

Why Is My Projector Saying ‘No Device’?

If you have been trying to watch something while connecting your laptop or smartphone with your projector and you are getting the projector no signal HDMI message. Or if your projector says no device on the screen. Then here’s what could be possibly wrong with it;

  • The source device might not have been properly connected to your projectors. So, take the cables out and attach them again this time carefully.
  • Your projector might not support the device that you are trying to pair. For instance, some projectors do not support certain models of smartphones. Replacing the device might help.
  • Probably the cables that you are using to pair the device with the projector have some fault in them. So, check and replace the cables if needed.
  • The projector’s settings might have been changed. So, you will need to go to the settings and from the display choose the source devices as the output option.
  • In case you are using a wireless connection then the Wi-Fi signals or Wi-Fi device might have an issue. Checking the Wi-Fi router might help.

How Do I Connect My Projector Without HDMI?

If you are tired of dealing with all those cables. And if you are looking for ways how to connect to a projector wirelessly. Then you are at the right place. Below you can find some ways to do that and choose one based on your convivence.

  • Use Wi-Fi to wirelessly connect devices with the projector.
  • You can also use a Wireless USB or a Wi-Fi dongle.
  • A wireless HDMI transmitter could also be used.
  • Ethernet cable and fiber optic cable are also useful.
  • Use the mobile hotspot.


Smart projectors are quite popular and in demand these days. And therefore, you will find several best Wi-Fi projectors out there. But not all smart projectors are the same. They come in different shapes and sizes and have distinct features.

If you were having any trouble connecting your devices wirelessly with the projector. We hope with the help of the information shared in this article you were able to find sound answers and solutions.

Thank you for reading! We’ll be back with another article.

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